Wine tasting at King Street Studios

Liquid Lunch

Liquid Lunch: The Sutton siblings with wasp

This painting is currently on show at the King Street Studios Gallery, as an extra to the exhibition of Milan’s work:

50 years of Line and Paint

(which continues every Friday and Saturday until 4 May)

‘Liquid Lunch’ is Milan’s painting of Murray, Molly, Roz and Annabel gathered in Tisbury in August 2014 (see Molly’s hand, bottom left). The rare reunion was occasioned by three of us going to the wedding of Alice Malaiperuman and James Browning on the previous day. Twenty minutes after this imagined moment, the wasp was painfully discovered in a place it should not have reached.

The painting is at King Street Studios to advertise and accompany the Wine Tasting there on Saturday 27 April at 7.30

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