‘about this website’:

It’s for updates about Milan’s recent work. It was set up in April 2016, and is maintained by me, Roz Ivanic.

There are small items of news on the BLOG, as well as an introduction and link to each themed selection of work in the GALLERY. You can also go straight to the themed selections from the GALLERY button on the Menu Bar.

There are several selections of Milan’s work from before 2015 on Saatchi Art, and there’s a link to his site there on the Menu Bar (top right). 

‘about Milan’:

Here he is, drawing from inside the Cesar Manrique Museum in Lanzarote

Drawing lava flow

In conversation (Milan on the right, John on the left) 

In conversation

In the studio

Painting strawberries

and making last minute improvements

Painting snowdrops

In 1969 Milan was in his sixth year at art school in Prague. He had completed his basic training at the Hollar School of Art and was in the Graphics Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts. That’s when he met Roz, an English girl, in Prague, and in 1970 he came to England to marry her. Since then he has lived and worked in Sussex, Devon, London, and in Lancaster for the last 33 years. He has travelled a lot, but the places and people that he sees again and again are his main subjects. The landscape associated with the River Lune and its estuary into Morecambe Bay feature in many of his paintings and drawings.

In 2019 Milan brings to his work what he has learned from his training in Prague, from 50 years of close engagement with 20th Century art, especially British and European, and from drawing and painting every day all his life. He likes something he once read: ‘painting is about celebration’.

Since coming to the UK, his work has been exhibited in many parts of the UK, especially in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Sussex.

His work is in private collections in the UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands.

His work has been selected and exhibited in several major national open competitions in London:

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy: 2011

The BP Portrait Award Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery: 2015

The Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Galleries: 2010 and 2018

Milan’s work is also shown at gavaganart.com




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