Month: April 2019

‘Gardens’ at King St Studios


Auntie Pat’s garden: looking out 2019 Acrylic 70 x 70 cm

Many of Milan’s pictures are of gardens:  Auntie Pat’s garden, Levens Hall garden, Gresgarth garden, our garden, and others.

When Roy and Kath were choosing pictures for their exhibition at King Street Studios,
they made Gardens‘ one of the themes of the exhibition.
Here are the ten pictures of gardens included in the exhibition

The last opening days for the exhibition
Milan Ivanic: 50 years of Line and Paint
will be Friday and Saturday this week, 3 and 4 May 2019

Wine tasting at King Street Studios

Liquid Lunch

Liquid Lunch: The Sutton siblings with wasp

This painting is currently on show at the King Street Studios Gallery, as an extra to the exhibition of Milan’s work:

50 years of Line and Paint

(which continues every Friday and Saturday until 4 May)

‘Liquid Lunch’ is Milan’s painting of Murray, Molly, Roz and Annabel gathered in Tisbury in August 2014 (see Molly’s hand, bottom left). The rare reunion was occasioned by three of us going to the wedding of Alice Malaiperuman and James Browning on the previous day. Twenty minutes after this imagined moment, the wasp was painfully discovered in a place it should not have reached.

The painting is at King Street Studios to advertise and accompany the Wine Tasting there on Saturday 27 April at 7.30

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Lanzarote – March 2019

Lanzarote drawings and watercoloursIMG_E1899

Lava fields  

We stayed in Oasis de Nazaret, near Teguise, with John and Erica Malaiperuman for eleven days. We were at a villa with a magnificent view of Las Montañas del Fuego in Timanfaya National Park. We went to our usual favourite places: the Jardin de Cactus, the Museo de Agricola – el Patio, Cesar Manrique’s home and studio, La Caldera de los Cuervos, El Golfo, the small fields where farmers are cultivating the edge of the lava flow, and of course, the volcanoes themselves. And the villa has a heated pool!

Milan went with ideas of paintings he would like to develop when he came home. He took only A5 sheets of paper, pencils and watercolours with him. With these he did 76 little paintings while we were there, and came home with a lot more ideas for paintings than he had when he set out.

Here’s a slideshow of 15 of his Lanzarote drawings and watercolours.

50 Years of Line and Paint

Milan Flyer 72dpi

Opening event: Saturday 6 April 6 – 8 pm

The exhibition is at the King Street Studios, Lancaster. There are 50 paintings and drawings in the exhibition, ranging from early work dated 1969 while Milan was at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, to a wide variety of recent work. The landscape associated with the River Lune and its estuary into Morecambe Bay feature in many of the paintings and drawings.

For a selection of work included in the exhibition,
see 50 years of Line and Paint.

Hanging day, Gallery 2

Hanging Day, King Street Studios Gallery 2